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Prefabricated Cages (Precages)

Lee Welded Mesh’s prefabricated reinforcement cage is one of the prefabrication solutions aimed to help customers in increasing productivity in construction. We also help our customers to convert the conventional reinforcement bar design to Steel Welded Mesh especially for Slab and RC Wall, in order to increase the productivity and buildability / constructability. We do this by working closely with customers to deliver solutions that are customised to the projects. It also redefining concepts of time, inventory and manpower management, and material wastage reduction.

Prefabricated Reinforcement Cages are factory-made reinforcement solutions in the form of a cage which helps in the modular construction of structural elements on-site. Fabricated using machines or jigs, there is controlled welding conditions by trained and specialised Lee Welded Mesh workers in a factory-controlled environment.

Coupled with the experienced technical team, Lee Welded Mesh studies construction drawings to customise Prefabricated Reinforcement Cages products detailed to suit site conditions and complexity.

Prefabricated Diaphragm Wall Cage

Prefabricated Column Cage

Prefabricated Beam Cage

Prefabricated Core Cage


Prefabricated Bored Pile Cage